Morrisville Action is NOT supported or directed by ANY campaign or political party.

Morrisville Action is a non-partisan, non-profit group of your Morrisville neighbors dedicated to keeping taxes low, town services high, and community development well balanced. We have a seven-member stearing committee and over 1,500 neighbors on our mailing list. Our members are Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and the unaffiliated who believe local politics should be non-partisan and focus on neighbors working with neighbors to help our town flourish. We review each candidate’s background, and, if they are incumbent, we review their voting record and performance.

Morrisville Action informs citizens through its website and emailing list, and speaks out on important Town issues. Our primary activities are to endorse and support candidates sharing our views and to get out the vote. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for Morrisville residents. Morrisville Action is registered with the State of North Carolina Bureau of Elections and we typically go active or inactive based on the election cycle.

Morrisville Action was founded in 2008 in direct response to the town’s approval of Park West Village, a 1,200,000 square-foot mixed-use high-density development on the already highly congested Highway 54 corridor (Chapel Hill Road). The Town Council also granted a storm water variance for Park West Village to allow more than normal water runoff into the already flood-prone Crabtree Creek watershed, which as predicted by Morrisville Action and some residents, has become a problem for some nearby homes. In 2009 and again in 2017 we worked to stop the Crabtree Crossing Extension project that proposes to turn local residential road, Crabtree Crossing Parkway, into a high-traffic thoroughfare to connect Cary Parkway to the Durham Freeway via Town Hall Drive. This project would flood the eastern Preston neighborhoods with the kind of traffic the neighborhood experienced with the railroad grade separation project, only this time it would be permanent.

The Morrisville Town Council received hundreds of emails asking them not to approve Park West. A petition submitted to Town Council before its vote had signatures of 817 individuals, couples and families, likewise asking the Council to vote to deny the Park Village application and variances. Strikingly, this is about the same number of people who voted in the previous Town election. Morrisville and Cary residents spoke out in numbers with broad-based, factual concerns about the proposal. The Planning & Zoning Board had already denied the Park West Village application. The elected Town Council responded to the concerns of its staff, zoning board and residents by voting to approve the project, despite the overwhelming opposition. It was obvious to citizens that new leadership and a new culture was needed on the Town Council.

Soon after, the Town tried to rush through a 19% property tax increase, the highest in the Triangle. Due in part to the mobilization of residents by Morrisville Action, the increase was defeated, and a tax-neutral budget was approved.

We do not accept contributions from candidates, political parties nor commercial sources. Candidates, their family or surrogates, cannot participate in Morrisville Action. Our efforts and communications are not directed, sponsored, paid for, or approved by any candidate or political party. Once we have fully vetted candidates and issues, and publicly endorsed a candidate, we then support their election. Since 2008 when Morrisville Action became active, despite several attempts, there has been no significant increase in Morrisville property tax rates. Yet through efficient government and effective citizen engagement, Morrisville is now rated the Best Place to Live in North Carolina and the Fifth Best in the US.


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